7 reasons why Michael Bublé should open a bakery

Excuse me while I photoshop celebrity faces into pastry images. Isn’t that what photoshop is for?

But real talk: there’s so much potential here…

1. He could call it “The Bublékery”.

2. Today’s special: Bublérry muffins

3. Instead of a door chimer, a recorded “boppitty bee bop” to welcome all of the enthusiastic customers

4. Order with a Canadian accent and you get 10% off!

5. The napkins could say “Feelin’ Good” with a caricature drawing of a satisfied Bublé munching on a sweet treat.

6. coffee mugs that say “Cry Me a River”

7. And last but not least… Crème Bublé

I mean really. Anyone have his agent’s number?

Emma Murphy