Book-lover's Homemade Christmas Tree in 5 Steps

 'Tis the season to domesticate a wild tree so you can name it, give it water, and clean up after its droppings!


Make a BETTER tree out of the summer reading you never did (shame on you).
Or the Encyclopedia set you haven't opened since the invention of the Internet.
Or those coloring books "for adults" that some guy is making a fortune selling rn.

I give you: the Literary Pine. I mean, it's made of PAPER. That's 1000x more real than the mini silver tinsel tree. And your cat won't throw up if he eats it (*not tested).

I know. Crafts. But it's legitimately SO EASY. I'm talking five steps, people. Check it out:

1. Find a base. The first thing your tree needs is a good sturdy foundation. Brown if possible. If you use a box, make sure you flip is upside down so it isn't hollow. That way the books won't slide.

2. Gather some books. Collect 10-15 from around the house, depending on your desired tree size. You'll want a variety of books: 5 larger, hardback books for the bottom and 5 softbacks for the top, in varying sizes. If you don't own any books (sad for you, but) check Goodwill for discounted prices. Focus on finding greens and neutrals if you can, especially for the paperbacks toward the top because they'll be the most visible. But remember, the pages will show from the front, not the covers. So pay attention to page color, too.

3. Stack 'em. Go ahead! You can do it! You'll notice the paperbacks tend to stand up pointier at the top. Embrace it. It will give it the Christmas tree shape.

4. Add glitz. Optional, of course. A good option is these copper LED fairy lights from Anthropologie (size S). I've seen similar ones at Urban Outfitters. Five feet or so is plenty.

5. Add glam. A bow. Or a gold star. Really anything you're feeling. I fell in love with this one from Michaels for around $8, but you could definitely find cheaper. Getting the bow to stay was a bit tricky, but if it comes attached to a wire, you can loop it through the spine of the book on top.

And there you have it! Light her up! Pine-scented has nothing on parchment-scented ;-)

lifestyleEmma Murphy