one who is never content with contentment

They'll try to tell you that curiosity is a side hobby, that knowledge wears the pants in the relationship. Don't listen.

If Einstein had but knowledge, he'd be a trivia contestant. He had curiosity. He had creativity. He had imagination.

Imagination is more important than knowledge.
— Albert Einstein

Curiosity tests the limits of our humanity. It causes us to push boundaries, to travel all the way to the edges of the earth (which we discover not flat, after all), and all the way to the edges of ourselves. And often, we find our minds are far more infinite than we imagined.

And we also have a lot more fun.



about the blogger

How many Emma's do you know? 50,000? Well now you know 50,001.

So hello. *

* marks where I initiated a cyber handshake via the mouse. You're leaving me hanging, aren't you?
As I pretend I was just running my hand through my hair, here's an interview I conducted w/ myself:

What do you study?
English / Creative Writing, Entertainment & Media Studies, a little Advertising here and there, and a lot of campus bus maps. I get lost. Still.

Tell me about childhood, Emma.
I grew up on Shel Silverstein collections and bologna Lunchables.

Life goals include?
I'm currently trying to crack into the monopoly dads have on telling super lame puns. They're like sign language - pretty handy. (yikes)

Hobbies? Perhaps dancing?
Ah yes. Dancing, indeed. Making disciples of the nations with my Ridiculous Dance Move of the Month.
Last month's: the Pop-Culturally-Relevant Macarena.

Fun fact?
I've seen every episode of Frasier circa fourteen times, which is about fourteen times more than the average member of my age demographic.

Other miscellaneous passions?
videography, pranking, spoken word, repeating stories by accident, and connecting seemingly unrelated things.

That pretty much wraps up the complex psyche of my existence in ten-ish sentences. Just call me Freud! Or don’t. I don’t have a beard. Or an Oedipus complex.